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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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taylor's whiplash romance with tom hiddleston. we have 103 photos of this new couple exposed. did she really dump calvin? >> any comment on taylor? >> and clues to how it all began. then -- >> was always going to be more than one. >> mee milla and ashton's baby news. plus, kerry washington on baby number two. >> don't worry, i'll be waddling my way around. my one-on-one with new ellen secrets and the moments she wishes she could forget. >> i'm so embarrassed. >> we're inside two star auctions. whitney houston's most personal items for sale. her wedding dress. her awards. even her passports. plus -- >> i enjoy my creature comforts. >> my mother was a maximumalist.
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>> melissa rivers taking us inside her mom's estate auction. >> so everybody remembers this dress. >> and what melissa refuses to sell. >> things that for some reason talk to me. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for joining us, everyone. it has been a tough week trying to process everything in the wake of such tragedy. >> as we try to bring you up to speed on more news happening away from orlando, we won't forget the innocent victims. see how hollywood has been standing in solidarity to remember those lost. but first, let's get to another big headline. taylor swift and tom hiddleston's hot hookup ♪ i knew you were trouble when you walked in ♪ >> any comment on taylor? how is it going? >> that's calvin harris thursday, the day after these pictures of taylor and tom surfaced. taken tuesday afternoon, tom's kissing tay from behind, his
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legs wrapped around her body. thaw take a selfie. she leans her head on his shoulder. the 35-year-old gave taylor his jacket, then a sweet kiss before she puts her hands around his waist and they walk away holding hands. so just two weeks after a breakup, a makeout with a new equally sexy when he is shirtless man. seriously? well, swift was actually connected more than a month ago. this instagram of them dancing at the met gala may 2nd shows they had serious chemistry going on. >> sat next to her at dinner that night. and she was very charming. and she is amazing. i mean i've seen a couple of her videos. >> so did taylor cheat? well, you recall she and calvin hadn't announced their split at this point. but what we've been told is they were already broken up. they just didn't tell anyone. that means there was no sneaking around. but there is bitterness. calvin deleted all trace of their relationship from his instagram and blocked taylor fans. but he has been smiling and
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soaking up the attention for publicity. >> calvin? >> i got music. ♪ >> and there may be a secret dig at taylor. calvin is wearing the sneakers made by her not so secret enemy kanye. and here is what we can tell you about tom, aka loki to avengers fans. he is rumored to be the next james bond, and he has a pretty intense sex scene from his latest miniseries the night manager. he exposed his back side on screen to the joy of his many fans. how did you prepare your bottom for this role? >> no special preparation i'm happy to report. no -- [ laughter ] >> and the internet is filled with clips of tom spontaneously breaking into some pretty awesome dancing. kind of like taylor does at awards shows. i don't know. looks like taylor may have finally met her match. ♪ is it going to be forever or
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it's going to go down in flames ♪ >> while we all know taylor's long list of ex-lover, what about tom? well, he has been linked to co-star elizabeth olsen as well as jessica chastain and cat denning. >> now here is a couple showing off some pda this week. miley cyrus and liam hemsworth. the pair hit up new york's members only soho house. a very smiley miley was hard to miss in the multicolored mara hoffman pants. also hard to miss, that blinding bling that she continues to wear on, yes, that finger. and that super sweet hand-holding, pretty cute, right? >> yes. love it. >> i was told miley came to new york just to keep her man company. we were with liam earlier in the day. his new interview coming up. let's get to other majors couples news. that and more in this weekend's know and tell. mila and ashton announced
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they're having another baby. >> absolutely i want to have more kids one day. i always want in order than one. >> soon it will be two. that was mila on the set of "bad moms" in february. now she her rep confirms with "e.t." she is pregnant. >> having a kid made me realize how incredibly selfless i want to be. meanwhile, there is new drama in the johnny depp amber heard divorce. >> the lapd confirmed "e.t." that heard's attorney made the call, claiming a representative for depp was violating a temporary restraining order by removing clothing and furniture from the property. however, the lapd also tells "e.t." that depp is allowed to remove personal items, and that neither johnny nor amber were on the scene. meanwhile, amber has dropped her request for $50,000 a month in temporary spousal support. she claimed in a filing that depp had been using the money issue to distract the public from the seriousness of domestic violence.
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next, oprah's new weight loss project. >> actually got a cookbook coming out. i'm very excited about this. >> weight watchers isn't a diet. it's really about eating things that you love and making them healthier. so i just decided to take a lot of those ideas. some come from me. i'm not saying i'm cooking every day. but i do cook. and i have chefs who cook. so it's all of those chefs' ideas and my ideas. >> now stars move to tears after the heartbreaking tragedy in orlando that continues to make headlines. >> we are here to remember. >> lady gaga gave a passionate speech at los angeles a vigil, while nick jonas spoke in new york. >> my father, a minister from new jersey shape mid view that love is love, and we are all equal. >> andy cohen was also among the thousands standing in solidarity. and when we sat down, he told us why love should always win. >> this has touched me probably
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more than anything. just because i think i could have been there. and when i look at the pictures of the victims and i see people that i know. that i relate to. and you go to a gay bar. and for some people, it's the only safe place that they have. and it's a scary, scary reminder that there are really awful people in the world. >> the tragedy is on everyone's mind. but there is more than we wanted to know from andy. and boy did he deliver. >> oh, yeah, he did. >> we got the dish on real housewive bethany frankel. and since he is bff with kelly ripka, does he know who will get the seat next to her online? it's all coming up. >> we had to ask. >> of course. right now ellen's sequel to "finding nemo" "finding dory" opened in heat theirs weekend. i got to speak with her at the premier along with ellen's mom who by the way totally cracked me up.
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and ellen loved it too. >> i saw my mother, what she said to you. i watched the show. >> you did? >> and that she said keep breathing. she is hilarious. >> dory's tag line, just keep swimming. what would your tag line be? >> just keep breathing. >> when i saw it, oh my god, of course she said just keep breathing. >> she was little bummed that she didn't get a voice in the film. >> well you brought it up. >> did they give you a voice in this movie? >> no. >> that would have been great. >> i know. they used me on the show. why didn't they think of that? >> you created a monster. >> what would you see her as a character if there was someone to write her in? >> what is the bossiest fish in the ocean. >> what about portia? what fish would she be? i see her as an angelfish. >> yes. she is the prettiest fish in the ocean. whatever that would be. >> that's really nice. >> the prettiest angelfish you have ever seen. >> i'm going to let that hang there for a second. that's sweet. and moving on to the next question. whoa, not yet. almost there. getting ready to move on. and here we go. >> my mom, my dad, i have a family!
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>> ellen plays that blue tang fish in "finding dory" and she is still struggling with her short-term memory. >> dory? >> yes, dory. >> can you think of a time in your life where a little short-term memory loss may have come in handy? like maybe an embarrassing moment that you would like to forget? >> oh, sure there is plenty. i was shooting my hbo special in new york. and was taking questions from the audience. and someone stood up, and i said yes, sir, right there. and she goes i'm a ma'am. and i'm so embarrassed. and i'm then she ends up telling me the story of me coming out, saved her life. she starts crying. and it's this beautiful moment. >> so you embraced your embarrassing moment? >> you have to. you have to embrace all the moments in life. they all add to something that makes you a better person. >> there is one thinking about for me, we're presenting an "e.t." icon award to ellen degeneres. >> and what happened? >> i was wondering what that was. >> i had it on my lap and it was
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covered with something and it looked like i was presenting something else. >> listen you brought up. >> that's the surprise. >> wow, wow. >> well, okay, i'm not gay. >> you had that visual. >> all right, good. >> "modern family" ed o'neil and ty burrell join them. >> it may have been as long as a year before you found out you were both involved? isn't that crazy? >> kind of weird. ed is not like an open book. >> you don't come into the makeup and hair and go guess what i'm doing. >> i thought my part was cameo. and that the reason they kept having me back every three months is because they were rewriting. and i made a joke. [ bleep ] groundhog day. it's a cameo. meanwhile. >> no clue. >> you know when you sit down for interviews and it's so much fun. it all comes together. it's so great. that's what happened here. i haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. coming up, see the reunion
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from "friday night lights" to "ugly betty." why these prime time stars are all back together. plus, baby number two. >> don't worry, what if there was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill
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for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms.
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kerry washington was with me this week. and i got to tell you, she is just beaming with baby number two on the way. even if it meant pushing back the new season of "scandal". >> i look different. >> you look gorgeous. >> a little curvier than usual. i look blessed. >> becoming a big sister? >> we're all really excited. i'm an only child. so what is this going to be like? >> "scandal" not in the fall lineup. >> that's correct. >> wait for january for it to come back. >> that's true. >> are you tired of holding purses and coats? >> no, actually, i'll be going back to work in july, doing as much as i can. they'll be bigger bag, prada luggage as last time, big coats.
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don't worry. i'll be waddling my way around opa. don't worry. >> kerry got the s.a.g. actor foundation's inspiration actor award. we're glad she is back to her i share everything side. i know you take a little break from social media which ended quickly because backstage hanging with j. lo. >> i came back for a little window because i could not not share my vegas extravaganza. >> i was literally thinking that when i saw it. >> we had a blast. >> you can't keep off the social media. we're all kind of addicted. >> we have to put our phones off the set. look at them constantly. it's hard. >> draws me in. remember "ugly betty"? it has been nearly ten years since the comedy that really helped shoot america ferreira into stardom. leanne aguilera was with the cast reuniting for a very special anniversary. >> my first day shooting on the pilot, we shot the scene where betty comes out in the hot pants in the pilot.
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>> oh, my gosh! >> and that was our first scene! >> beginning in 2006, the show ran for four seasons. based on a popular colombian telenovela, betty was the awkward girl with braces and glasses working at a snooty fashion magazine. >> i didn't think it was going to get picked up because it was so unique. there was nothing else like it. >> "e.t." was on the set 15 times. and we captured that famous dynasty-like diva cat fight between vanessa and judith white. >> and i don't know why. >> yes, queen! >> you get over. >> wait. ♪ >> oh! >> it was the most fun. we had such a good time. >> the cast got together at the atx television festival in austin, texas, sponsored by entertainment weekly. you can still watch "ugly betty" streaming on hulu, but what about a reboot?
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>> would y'all be interested in an "ugly betty" continuation of any form? >> yes! >> we will give hulu first dibs. they get a first look deal on our two-hour movie special that we're declaring right now. i'm making this up. >> another reunion at the festival, "friday night lights" where connie briton spoke about nashville getting a new life on cmt. >> i want to congratulate you. national is coming back. >> that was an example of fans being really enthusiastic. and we really owe that all to the fans. >> are there a chance we could see more reina? >> argument b of course. >> "friday night lights" was also saved by fans. connie had 20 of her cast members tailgated on the real panther field. >> the memories that flood your mind when you come all over again. >> we rode a bus here to get to the actual field, which is what we do when we were filming as a
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cast, we would get on a bus and drive to sets. it was very nostalgic. >> but while the cast is still close, they say fans shouldn't expect a revival. >> we feel like we kind of caught lightning in a bottle. i think it's darn near impossible to do it again. >> those are our bleachers. look at them. they have trees growing on them. nobody is taking care of this place. i don't understand what is going on. >> who is in charge here. >> this show's pilot episode was shot in austin. the man behind the series, peter berg insisted it film in texas. he said if it wasn't going to film in texas, it would be a deal breaker for him. >> laying down the law. the doppler radar's got to do. up next, we are inside the new big brother house. >> the microphone right here in the shower. then andy cohen talks bff kelly ripka. who should be her new co-host. >> the two of them had great chemistry. plus, scoop on
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big brother is back. ♪ welcome to my house >> the season 18 premier of big brother on cbs. and kevin frazier got a tour of the house's new bad. and bryce sanders talked to the gang, some of whom seem to think this is a dating show. >> she is. >> among those lining up for a big brother show-mance is shackia. >> that would be great. a rachel and brendon, jordan and jeff. shackia and whoever, mr. sexy. that would be great. >> for gym manager victor, love is a strategy. >> i'm taupe a show-mance if it help miss game. got to keep my eye on the 500,000. >> cory hopes to get past second base there might be a show-mance
9:21 pm
in your future. >> there might be. definitely a possibility. >> but for math student bronte, a show-mance doesn't add up. >> i'm a numbers girl. i look at the statistics. a lot of them make you an easy target. >> remember last season's master manipulator vanessa? she has a sister competing now, 32-year-old teacher tiffany. >> i know a sound a lot like her. a lot of people told me that. and i can hear it myself. by chance it comes out, i'm going to own up to it. >> and cody has a brother pauley in it to win it. >> what advice has he given you? >> don't be the crazy personality the first couple of weeks, otherwise you're going home. >> and you don't want to leave this home. >> welcome to the big brother season 18 house. ♪ >> oh, i feel like i'm in the airport. wait a minute. >> you should. >> whoa. >> each room is a destination after you have departed from this gate. >> this is tokyo. >> this is tokyo! >> look, okay. godzilla, what is tokyo without
9:22 pm
neon lights and godzilla. >> so we start in tokyo. but it feels london already because the red phone booth. >> yeah. >> oh. >> we are in hawaii now. because that's got to be america's favorite vacation spot. this is the head of household's own king bed. >> look at this. even a microphone right here in the shower. >> hey, we can't have any spots where any two houseguests can have a private conversation. nope, nope, nope. >> 87 cameras and more than 110 microphones will keep tabs on this season's houseguests' every move as they try to last 99 days for the $500,000 grand prize. >> there is no safe zone. you can be heard every single place in the yard, in the house. >> just right down the center, we've got them everywhere. >> the backyard got a makeover too with a new pool and a spot to get swimsuit ready. >> we're going to put in a cross fit gym. >> what? >> yes. >> you do cross fit? i can tell you do.
9:23 pm
>> no, i don't. trust me. if you touch hard, there is a lot of softness. >> i just can't believe it's lasted 18 seasons. and i've been there since the beginning. >> yeah. >> i mean, who would have thunk it? at this rate i'll be like bob barker. >> she is going on forever. >> big brother 72. it's julie chen here. >> by the way, julie says she would only last one night in the house. so much drama. >> so much drama. my husband wants to be on that show. honey, you're not going away that many weeks and weeks too, right? so much drama. and if you're really into drama, look no further than "the real housewives." we got bravo's andy cohen to dish on two of them, bethenny frankel and teresa guidice. we want to think who he thinks should sit next to kelly ripka. >> i think anderson coop worry be great. i saw d.l. hughley the other day.
9:24 pm
i thought he was really great. and the two of them had great chemistry. the thing about kelly is she makes everybody look good. she really does. so they need to have people back again and again and again so that you can really see. >> andy is the king of reality tv and calles himself the boss/cheerleader of the housewives. so we had to get him to dish on teresa guidice's return. >> with the scoop i'll give you about the first episode is, the first episode is teresa's return from prison. and it is -- i've seen it three or four times. and i wept every time. when you see these four girls jump in her arms. it's like nothing that i've seen. >> and new york housewife bethenny frankel is having a health crisis. >> what happens is that bethenny starts bleeding profusely. and then that begins her health
9:25 pm
journey. >> bravo's watch what happens live host is expanding his media empire. in addition to writing his own book, he'll be publishing other people's works. this wall, superficial more adventures from the andy cohen diary will dish even more secrets about his famous friends. >> people are going to be pissed because i'm really revealing a lot. i'm moving the goalpost. and i just feel like if i'm going to do it again, it has to be bigger and better and dishier. >> and that means turning the tables on himself. >> i kind of go there personally about dating and about feelings of kind of very personal feelings and moments. >> are you dating now? >> i'm seeing somebody. it's a nice thing. >> andy told us that his previous tell-all messed up a bunch of relationships. i mean, to the point that he had to avoid people at parties because he gave too much away. >> listen, if you're hanging out with andy cohen, be careful what you say and what you do. look out!
9:26 pm
ahead two, action stars taking on sequels. tom as jack reacher again. then the new star of the independence day sequel liam hemsworth, looking forward to this one. mr. soon to be miley cyrus details about his family life few knew. >> i never knew that. plus, our carpool karaoke behind the scenes. how james corden creates gold. >> hang on. this might be quite a good idea. ♪ >> stick around for that. closed captioning provided by --
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maxx life in store and online. what to look at relapsing way multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms.
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moms knowafter brushing, mouths often need a helping hand. listerine® total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. and for kids starting at age six, listerine® smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after brushing. ♪ food, glorious food. >> that was one of my favorites so far which is saying a lot. we showed you late, late host james corden and the red hot chili peppers do carpool karaoke. >> i want to be in the back seat for some of them. it has become an institution
9:30 pm
that so many stars have joined him for. everyone from jennifer lopez to mariah carey. and remember george clooney, julia roberts and gwen stefani? >> you got to love it. >> nischelle turner reveals the secret sauce that has us all wanting to carpool with corden. ♪ it's not going to happen like that, because ain't no holla back girl ♪ ♪ >> no! hang on. >> you playing the drums. >> i play the drums in it. >> no way. >> yes. >> shredding on the drums. >> whoever thought of carpool karaoke needs a raise and a promoti promotion. >> it was done in the uk for a charity sketch for george michael. and then we thought hang on. ♪ big booty but you got a big booty, shake that". >> one hour is about all it takes to shoot each session. there are never do-overs and the
9:31 pm
guys behind it is gordon powell. >> we drive behind in a car. we can communicate to james. but it's him driving, no director, no camera people. just him in the car. so it is like the conversation unfolds as the conversation unfolds. he plays songs. >> to know that james is kind of his own producer, director, and it just kind of flows how it flows? >> yeah. he is really amazing. >> i was up all night. ♪ >> mariah, corden's first ever karaoke guest refused to sing at first. justin bieber who has done it three times got caught by paparazzi. ♪ i know you love me >> there you can see all the tiny gopro cameras that captured the fun. and yes, james is actually driving the entire time. >> is james in control of where the car goes? >> no. >> and how far do you guys drive? >> he is not in control where it goes. he is in sort of a caravan that
9:32 pm
is moving relatively slowly for safety. >> usually, what we do is we would get three residential streets. they're usually empty. because we would only drive at 50 miles per hour. we would go around and around and around ♪ cake by the ocean >> most of the time the parodies are done around the cbs studio lot where james shoots his show. and tinted back windows are what kept it a secret when george and julia joined gwen. >> would you want to do it with gwen? >> we were yeah, does she want to do it with us? >> what is wrong with this woman? ♪ we are the champions >> of the world! >> too much fun, right? >> oh, my gosh, it's so good. >> selena gomez is next to take on carpool karaoke on monday. listen to james' bucket list. beyonce, jay-z, bruno mars. >> that is too good. you have to deliver. now, if you are just joining us,
9:33 pm
here is the recap of this week's other big headlines. here are this week's top five stories. number five, continues called to johnny depp's and amber heard's home. the lapd confirmed that heard's attorney made the call monday, claiming that a ref for depp was violating a temporary restraining order by removing clothing and furniture. however, the lapd also tells "e.t." depp is allowed to remove personal items. number four, julianne postpones her wedding. >> are you happy your decision? >> oh, my gosh, of course. absolutely. >> this week the star of grease live and her crew were courting emmy voters. but how long before we see her and brooks sporting wedding bands? >> who knows. we might be married in ten years. who knows. number three, two star stage falls. >> oh! >> first bieber during a concert in saskatoon, canada.
9:34 pm
he fell through a trap door and got right back up to reassure his fans. canada not a great place for performers. just over an hour earlier in edmonton, meatloaf was in the middle of an encore when he suddenly stopped. meatloaf collapses to the floor. crew rush in to help. but this is way more frightening than actually serious. his team stating he was only dehydrated. number two, ashton kutcher and mila kunis are expecting again. >> absolutely i do want to have more kids one day. >> mila's rep confirmed to "e.t." she is pregnant, which means 20-month-old wyatt is going to be a big sister. and the number one story this week, taylor swift and tom hiddleston's hookup. snapped tuesday afternoon, they were seen kissing by her rhode island home. so just two weeks after her breakup with calvin harris and makeout with a new equally ripped man, seriously? well, connecting more than a month ago dancing at the met gala on may 2nd.
9:35 pm
>> she is amazing. >> go to for the latest. you think you're above the law. but i'm not the law. >> you know what tom cruise is really good at? sequels. we all know that. tom is back with jack reacher, "never go back." the franchise is based on the book series that has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. and for the second go-round, cruise is teaming up with colby smolders of how i memorial day met your mother fame. . >> one guy took him down with his bare hands. >> the new jack reacher "never go back" trailer starring me and a little known actor named tom cruise. enjoy. >> process him and get him to county. >> two things are going to happen in the next 90 seconds. >> excuse me? >> first, that phone over there is going to ring. second, you're going to be wearing these cuffs on your way to prison. [ ringing ]
9:36 pm
it's just going to keep on ringing. >> tom is back as drifter and former army officer jack reacher. >> purple heart, silver star, you're a legend. wonder why you left. >> i woke up one morning and the uniform didn't fit. >> coby is major susan turner who took tom's place commanding the military police. >> jack reacher for major turner. >> major turner has been arrested. >> on what charge? >> epspionage. >> he couples up with me and all hell breaks loose. >> i'm sorry about that. >> reacher? >> and we're on the run for this entire movie. we're not spice. you really have to use your brain you. can't rely on any tools. except for this. and maybe this. >> you guys go to the same barber? >> i'm going to say right here i'm a fan of this franchise. i like it. and by the way, it's got
9:37 pm
legislation. because jack reacher author lee childs has written 20 books. and how many many of them have been optioned to be pictures? >> every single one. let's talk about a franchise. independence day resurgence. the sequel to the will smith smash hit hitting theaters on june 24th, two decades after the original. >> unbelievable. and you know what? will is not part of the returning cast. he had to choose between doing this film and suicide squad. tough decision. so we will not see him in this one. but we do get another eye catchling guy, liam hemsworth. our senior news editor sat down with liam and co-star jeff goldblum talking about the movie and hemsworth's other life. >> where i grew up, it's farmland. it's a very small island there is a bridge to the island. >> were you on a farm? >> no, not on a farm. but had friends that were dairy farmers. so i spent a lot of time around cattle and milked a few cows in my time. >> you to? >> oh, yeah. i've done it before, yep.
9:38 pm
>> that's the sound they make. you don't have to do is? >> that's how i do it. >> we know liam's got a backup plan as a dairy farmer if the whole acting thing doesn't work out. but with a blockbuster on the way, and a superstar bride to be, the future mr. miley cyrus may want to work in those rumored summer wedding plans around june 24th when "independence day: resurgence" hits theaters. >> hold on! >> he and jeff goldblum face a fresh onslaught of aliens. >> should we be nervous? >> yeah. >> but long before saving the world, liam was a proper aussie schoolboy. >> the school outfit was pretty funny. >> you had a uniform? >> we had blazers. and in summertime, you would wear these little gray shorts. but we had to wear long. >> so wow. you don't have a conical hat or anything? >> in the summer time you would
9:39 pm
have to wear round hats. >> oh, that's a tough look. oh, pinocchio. >> those two are so perfect together. >> they play off each other really well. >> good chemistry. they need their own movie, just the two of them. i think that would be a good idea. on the way, inside the new season, "dating naked". >> what the hell did i get myself into? >> we are with the sexy singles stripping down. >> take his clothes off. >> that is coming up. but first -- ♪ got to live like we're dying >> you may remember chris allen's "live like we're dying" as an "american idol" winner in 2009. and chris continued to make new music. his fourth album, letting you in is out now. >> i think each album has painted better pictures of the things i have gone through are good or bad. and i think that's almost helped people put themselves into the songs. and you can kind of paint that picture. >> one thing that has changed for chris since his career began
9:40 pm
is having a family. >> just one kid now and one on the way. it's changed everything. it's weird. you think you know how to love until you have kids. and then you're like holy crap. why am i crying all the time?
9:41 pm
9:42 pm
right away when i wake up in the morning, okay, what outfit am i going to take off today? >> among all of those reality dating show, nothing is perhaps crazier or more revealing. >> yeah.
9:43 pm
>> than this show, "dating naked." >> and we got a look, should we say, at vh1's new season with two brave souls daring to bare it all, literally, in their journey to find true love. >> there is nothing more romantic than a naked man walking towards you. on the show, you are baring everything. and it's all out there for everyone to see. >> you get the whole enchilada. >> it doesn't get much more uncomfortable than this, i would say. >> not much. >> two sexy single, 12 week, 25 dates, and zero clothes. that's the formula for this social experiment where each week two naked suitors arrive to try to win over 24-year-old natalie, and 31-year-old david in beautiful bora bora. >> wow. you are really hot. >> well thank you. >> so when somebody doesn't have eye contact, i'm just like this is weird. >> hey, this is weird any way you look at it. and while there are plenty of love connections on the island,
9:44 pm
jealous can also run rampant in this garden of eden. >> don't lie to me. >> a man is going to tell you [ bleep ] you want the hear. >> despite the drama, david believes he will find a mate because when you strip away the clothing, he says you also strip away the stereotypes and are forced to bare your soul. >> when you think about sexuality, part of what fuels our desire is the curiosity of it. and you take away the curiosity, you have to get to substance faster. >> being naked, you really have to open yourself up and have your personality shine and be able to connect with somebody on a different level than people are normally used to connecting to. >> now what? >> you never know what can happen dating naked. there are so many embarrassing moments. just thinking about it now, i start to sweat a little bit. people are going to laugh. people are going to say what is going on. >> this is the hardest day of my life! >> the show is so much more than just finding love. it's also finding yourself.
9:45 pm
and that's what i did a lot on the show. i saw myself in really awkward, weird situations. but as a whole i found myself. >> natalie told us that her mom was initially resistant to all of this. yeah, i would think so. but then later told her daughter, okay, at least keep your room clean and don't swear. that whole prim and proper thing goes right out the window when you're stark naked on tv. all right. still to come, lots of clothes, shoes, and other items inside two star auctions. what whitney houston's estate is selling off, as melissa rivers shows us joan's treasures that could soon be yours. >> do you get to keep anything? >> that's ahead. but first, this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthd star of voice" first performed at a beauty pageant at 8 years old? is it christina aguilera, adam levine
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
♪ how will i know if he really loves me ♪ >> whitney houston won an mtv video music award for "how will i know" back in 1986. and now that award can be yours. it's one of more than 100 personal belongings that are up for action next week. we have a look at the items. >> the wedding dress is absolutely a gorgeous item, and one of the most popular we've seen. >> it's the ultimate get for any whitney fan, her wedding dress. the one that she wore when she married bobby in 1992. on the auction block, starting bid, $3500. >> it will bring a significant amount, 10,000, 20,000.
9:49 pm
i wouldn't be surprised to see it go higher than that. we have shoes from michael jordan. she and jordan were friends. >> over 100 of whitney's personal items were up for sale like her passport. heritage auctions worked closely with sister-in-law pat houston in selecting just the right pieces, many which whitney gave to pat to sell in her consignment shop. >> pat and the family felt this is the right time to sell. they've had this for years and they want to give back to the fans. >> including this pink and black fur coat whitney wore on tour, and that black number she modelled on oprah in 1999. >> got my train, y'all. we call this the diva train. i'm going to look fabulous. ♪ saving all my love for you >> or you can be the proud owner of the emmy she won for "saving all my love for you slow. the name plate is upside down. you might get to bid on one of
9:50 pm
the grammy awards. they're in the middle of getting permission to make that sale. they expect this auction to pull in a half million or more. now a portion of the proceeds will go to support the annual summit that sister-in-law pat houston holds every year. it's a fantastic event. >> it's great to see that's what they're doing with a portion of the proceeds. let's talk about another legend's sell-offs. joan rivers' items went up. an inside glimpse from her daughter, melissa rivers. >> this is my apartment. and it's very grand. i live very, very, very well. i enjoy my creature comfort. >> my mother was a maximumalist. which means she had a lot of stuff. she was a maximumalist, like i said, rich people hoarding. she never saw an antique shop or auction she couldn't find something at. >> my house is very my house. >> joan invited us home so many times over the year. the closet, the jewelry boxes.
9:51 pm
yeah, she was kind of a secret hoarder. from this pink and black lace gown, openinged by 1200 to this dress she wore to the 1990 tonys. 220 piece of her designer clothing and jewels and pieces up for auction now on display at christie's new york. >> everybody remembers this dress. it was 2003 emmys. she looked beautiful that night. a lot of feathers. different jewelry. i think her jewelry is so special. i once said to her i love your earrings. she took them off her ears. >> because they were from her qvc line. >> and give them to your grandmother. >> every now and then she would forget and take off her real ones and hand them to someone. we have had to make a few phone calls in the past. >> take. this give this to your mother. >> 10,000 can get you this emerald and amethyst necklace. it was one of joan's favorites on the red carpet. also in the 186-page catalog, miniature dog, perhaps modeled after her own beloved pooches.
9:52 pm
>> right? this is a good boy. >> but there are a few things melissa couldn't let go of. >> one thing i'm not selling is her real bathrobe. she did walk around like that, and she did actually eat out of the refrigerator. >> she did? >> yes, she did. she did do that. but, you know, everybody has their moments. i kept everything that was on her night table. my favorite room is my bedroom. my bedroom is total fancy. >> and your son. >> did he get to keep anything? >> he got to pick anything he wanted to keep. plus i kept dishes for one day when he gets married. and jewelry for one day when he gets married if i like her that i'll give to her. and if i don't, like my mother said, if she doesn't like it will get buried on me and they'll have to dig for it. i can hear the words coming out of her mouth. >> if you're very good. >> during our visit with melissa last year, we learned of one poignant gift that cooper gave joan as she was about to pass. >> he had his baseball hat with him. and he -- here i go now. and he went in the other room,
9:53 pm
and he took his baseball hat. and he put it in her hands. and he said please make sure this stays with her. and i made sure that it never left her side. >> it's been almost two years since joan passed away. and seeing all of her treasures, we have this takeaway from her life. dress up. use the good china. you are worth it. >> suddenly now i'm setting the table every night. i am using her dishes. >> i love having friends come over for dinner. having a pretty dinner with the good dishes. >> she loved living a gracious and beautiful type of life. it's so important. >> thank you all for being here. and i thank god for another wonderful thanksgiving. >> hear hear! >> now melissa still has plenty of memories and mementos of her mom from when joan lived in her home out here in l.a. she says, though, that since
9:54 pm
joan had just so much stuff, it's actually going to be a secondary sale after this one. >> nice! lots of history there, rig
9:55 pm
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look at all the stars with birthdays this weekend. sir paul mccartney is 74. kathleen turner is celebrating turning 62. paula abdul 54. now take a final look at your choices. which star of "the voice" first performed in a beauty pageant at 8 years old? that is blake shelton. who is 40 this weekend. happy birthday to everybody. monday on "e.t." -- >> my son is everything. >> how hollywood's best dads celebrated their father's day. that's monday. >> we're almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website, >> but before we go, check out the video from gallantes for their new song. >> they tackled bullying. it wracked up 28 million youtube views the first month. the song is climbing the hot dance electronics song chart. >> it sure is. enjoy it and the rest of your
9:58 pm
father's day weekend, everybody. >> yes, yes. >> goodbye. ♪ you might see them, you might not meet them ♪ ♪ but i will get back up again ♪ you can call it how you want to, i ain't giving you a dollar this time, i ain't going to run away ♪ ♪
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this is the bay area's new station, kron4 new starts now with breaking news. that breaking news we are following tonight is out of san francisco where a massive fire has burned six buildings in the mission district. it is being called one of the biggest fires the city of san francisco has seen in years. let's take a look at it. it started around 2:30 this afternoon at a building on mission street between 29th and 30th. it took four hours for crews to fully contain the fire. as many as 40 people have lost everything.


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